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Docker single container manager
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SIDOMAN ( Simple Docker Manager)

SiDoMan ist a simple webinterface to manage a single docker container. Developed to give a stranger the ability to control a docker container without getting access to the host system. Its provides a webpage to give the abillity to start/stop/kill/restart a single container without have access to the full system. SiDoMan runs in a docker container and dont need any configuration. Its out the box runable.


SiDoMan runs in one docker container. You can start it with this command:

docker run -p 80:80 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock sahrea/sidoman

Add a Container to SiDoMan

SiDoMan works without an own database or datastorage. To enable a container for SiDoMan you just need add a label to it.

docker run --label "remotepass="

After that you can open a browser and open You must enter the container name and the password.


SiDoMan offers a rest api to controll the container. You can "start/stop/kill/restart/send a command/see the log/get the state" over a simple http request.

To start a container:

To stop a container:

To kill a container:

To restart a container:

See the state of a container:

Get the log of the container:

Send a command to a detached container: