This Spigot Minecraft Plugin will track the playtime of players and show it in chat on command.
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A Spigot/paper plugin to track playtime of all players on the server.

Track and save the playtime of all players in a SQLite or MySQL database. Supports command execution, then a player reach a defined playtime.

Command List

  • /playtime [player] Show your own playtime or the playtime from other players.

  • /toptime [numbers] Shows the top [numbers] of players with with the highest playtime.


Download the latest build from and store it into your plugin folder.


  • playtime.login Shows the playtime at login.

  • playtime.use The player can use the /playtime command.

  • playtime.use.others The player can see the playtime from other players.

  • Can see playtime list.


  port: 3306
  db: test
  user: test
  pass: test
    Days: '&aDays&6'
    Hours: '&aHours&6'
    Minutes: '&aMinutes&a'
  Prefix: '&6[&aPlayTime&6] &a'
  YourCurrentPlaytime: Your current playtime is &6%t
  PlayerPlaytimeIs: The playtime from player &6%s&a is &6%t
  PlayerNotFound: '&cThis player dont have play on this server.'
  NoPermission: '&cYou dont have permission to do this!'
  TopPlayerTitel: This is the Top 5 player list.
  TopPlayerEntry: '%r : %s - %t'
- 8;say &6[&aPlayTime&6] &6%%player%% &ahas &6%%time%% &aminutes &aplayed.