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= The Quick Guide to OpenSim Unit Testing =
== Running Tests ==
On Linux you will need to have NUnit installed (
This is commonly available in distribution package repositories.
When this is installed, run the command
> nant test
Please see the TESTING ON WINDOWS section below for Windows instructions.
== Adding Tests ==
Tests should not be added to production assemblies. They should
instead be added to assemblies of the name
My.Production.Assembly.Tests.dll. This lets them easily be removed
from production environments that don't want the bloat.
Tests should be as close to the code as possible. It is recommended
that if you are writing tests they end up in a "Tests" sub-directory
of the directory where the code you are testing resides.
If you have added a new test assembly that hasn't existed before you
must list it in both ".nant/local.include"
for it to be accessible to Linux users and to the continuous
integration system.
To use nunit testing on opensim code, you have a variety of methods. The
easiast methods involve using IDE capabilities to test code. Using
VS2005/2008 I recommend using the testing capabilities of Resharper(commercial)
or TestDriven.Net(free). Both will recognize nunit tests within your
application and allow you to test them individually, or all at once, etc. You
will also be able to step into debug mode into a test through these add-ins
enabling a developer to jump right in and see how a specific
test-case/scenerio works.
Additionally, it is my understanding that sharpdevelop and monodevelop have
their own nunit testing plugins within their IDE. Though I am not certain of
their exact feature set or stability.
== Using NUnit Directly ==
The NUnit project is a very mature testing application. It can be obtained
from are via various package distrobutions for Linux. Please be
sure to get a .Net 2.0 version of Nunit, as OpenSim makes use of .Net 2.0
Nunit comes with 2 tools that will enable you to run tests from assembly
inputs. Nunit-gui and nunit-console. NUnit-gui is a console that will let
you view the execution of various tests within your assemblies and give visual
indication of teir success or failure. This is a useful tool for those who
lack IDE addins ( or lack IDEs at all ).
Nunit console allows you to execute the nunit tests of assemblies via console.
Its output will show test failures and successes and a summary of what
happened. This is very useful for a quick overview and/or automated testing.
=== Windows ===
Windows version of nunit-console is by default .Net 2.0 if you downloaded the
.Net 2.0 version of Nunit. Be sure to setup your PATH environment variable.
=== Linux & OSX ===
On these operating systems you will have to use the command "nunit-console2"
=== Example ===
nunit-console2 OpenSim.Framework.Tests.dll (on linux)
nunit-console OpenSim.Framework.Tests.dll (on windows)
See the file OpenSim/Data/Tests/Resources/TestDataConnections.ini
for information to setup testing for data