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This Delta Chat Messager Bot is a tool that can help you to count.
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This Delta Chat Messager Bot is a helpful tool that monitors your counting accuracy. It will immediately alert you if you have made a mistake and will prompt you to start counting from the beginning. The bot is designed to provide an efficient and accurate way to count, making it perfect for anyone who needs to keep track of numbers quickly and accurately.


To use the Messager bot, simply send it an message to count@chetty.tk. You can also invite the bot to a group chat, allowing you to communicate with multiple people at once. Once the bot is invited, you can start using it right away.


To host the bot yourself, you need NodeJS, a mail server with SMTP and IMAP and a Redis DB server. Enter the access data in the upper part of the index.js and then start NodeJS.


The bot is able to read all incoming messages and group conversations. He dont storing any data except a hash of the players address and their current score.